Discover The National Parks of Tanzania from Gaborone

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Discover The National Parks of Tanzania from Gaborone

Discover the National Parks of Tanzania from Gaborone

Tanzania is an ideal destination for those wanting to see some of the most beautiful sights that Africa has to offer. Think beautiful national parks, beaches, and, of course, Mount Kilimanjaro. A true adventure.

The national parks of Tanzania are home to diverse species and formidable scenery. You can explore them through safaris that allow you to get close to the animals.

So discovering Tanzania’s national parks is a must-do for anybody in Tanzania. Starting from Gaborone check out what a safari has to offer. See the beauty, experience the biodiversity, and realize the value of contributing to the preservation of the environment.

But, before you begin on your safari tour, you must make one of the most important decisions. Which parks to visit and which to skip. Read on to discover!

#1 Serengeti National Park – National Parks of Tanzania

Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is always at the top of the list owing to the variety of ecosystems that it supports.

The park is also well-known for its migratory and calving seasons. It’s also the ideal place to witness predatory creatures and beautiful birds in their native environment.

Serengeti provides wildlife watching, walking safaris, hot air balloon filmmaking, and photographic safaris to observe these unique treasures.

There are several options for getting from Gaborone to Serengeti National Park via airline, taxi, or car. The quickest method is to fly and drive. This takes around 18 hours.

#2 Ngorongoro Conservation Crater

Formed millions of years ago, the Ngorongoro Crater locked off its frontiers to humans with the assistance of walls. These walls reached heights of 400 to 600 meters. As a result, nature was allowed to run wild here, resulting in some of the most unusual plant and animal species the world has ever seen. It is the only location where you can see a Black Rhino.

This park should be on your list since it provides year-round observation of all animal species.

#3 Lake Manyara

Smaller in size than other Tanzania parks, yet not lacking in natural beauty, Lake Manyara dominates the bulk of the territory. Pink flamingos lounge in the pool, as tree-climbing lions doze off far above the canopy. It’s also a great area to watch hundreds of elephants up close.

#4 Tarangire National Park – National Parks of Tanzania

Tarangire is well renowned for its annual elephant migration of over 3000 elephants. However the park has so much more to offer regardless of the season. More specifically, the giant baobab trees and termite mounds that dot the terrain look like something out of a nightmare.

It is only a short drive from Arusha, making it a very comfortable trip and ideal for a two-day safari following a Kili walk (around Kilimanjaro)!

By the way if you want to tackle Kilimanjaro, you can read some good sound advice here.

#5 Ruaha National Park – National Parks of Tanzania

The largest national park in Africa may not have a world-famous reputation, but it does provide the wildest encounters for those who know what to seek. Ruaha National Park is most known for its amazing beauty, old baobab trees, gorgeous rivers, and dramatic scenery, and it provides tourists with tremendously thrilling wildlife viewing experiences.

It’s time to book that long-awaited vacation to Tanzania and see its mightiest monsters in their native homes. Go on an adventure!

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