Gay Friendly African Tour Guides

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Gay Friendly African Tour Guides

Africa and Gay Friendly Tour Guides

Gay Friendly African Tour Guides

A Holiday Houseboy is a gay friendly tour guide who looks after your safety and welfare at all times. Over the last past 6 months, our gay friendly African tour guides have increased in number. Though not able to say that Holiday Houseboy covers all Africa, there are certainly many destinations which do have a gay friendly tour guide. Check them out.

Gay Friendly African Tour Guides in Morocco

Soufiane in Casablanca

Soufiane in Casablanca

Holiday Houseboys is in five destinations in Morocco. Namely Casablanca, Marrakesh, Meknes, Merzouga and Rabat.

This is what Jason from the UK had to say recently about Soufaine in Casablanca

“Soufaine was a great guide during my time in Casablanca. He was very knowledgeable and gave me a good tour of the city. He speaks excellent English and was very kind and amenable.”

Also in the Maghreb region is Hamza, a tennis coach in Tunis, Tunisia. With a passion for cinematography, Hamza is your ideal companion for your tour guide of Tunis who can take your professional looking snapshots.


Gay Friendly African Tour Guides in Egypt

Our connections in Egypt are through Khaled, a professional egyptologist tour guide, with his own tour company. Based in Cairo, he can also cover Alexandria, Aswan and Luxor.

Khaled has also designed an “Egypt Sun Festival & Nile Cruise Tour” from 19th February to 27th February 2023. This is a very special tour as the Egyptians celebrate the Sun Festival on 22nd February 2023. Only one day of two days per year when the sun enters an Egyptian archeological site in Abu Simbel, lighting up the faces of the good gods of Ra, Amun and Ramses II but keeping Ptah, the goddess of darkness, firmly in the shadows.

Coupled with a Nile Cruise this is a splendid one of a kind experience. Click here for more info.


Gay Friendly African Tour Guides for Safaris

Tshepho in Gaborone

Tshepho in Gaborone

For safaris in Africa, there is Tshepho in Gaborone, Botswana. This tends to be the starting point of all tours within Botswana. Tshepho has his own travel agency too and comes with heaps of experience. He used to manage 4 star bush camps in the Okavango and Chobe areas.

Then there is Derias for the Maasai Mara in Kenya, who also covers Nairobi.

Another one of our Holiday Houseboys in Kenya, Benedict, covers Nairobi and Mombasa.


Gay Friendly African Tour Guides for West Africa

Guy Christian from Cotonou Benin

Guy Christian from Cotonou Benin

Countries covered by Holiday Houseboys in West Africa include Guy Christian and Jean Paul from Benin, Yankuba in The Gambia, Isaac and David in Ghana, Yusuff in Ivory Coast and George and Vincent in Nigeria. That’s George in Abuja and Vincent in Lagos.

In addition there is also the island of Sao Tome off Gabon. A former Portuguese colony, our representative there is Luis. It is really Sao Tome e Principe, with Sao Tome being the larger of the two islands. Discover the slave history of the island along with its unique mountain outcrop in the centre of the island. A unique destination waiting for your discovery.


and for East Africa

Isaac our Holiday Houseboy  in Accra Ghana

Isaac our Holiday Houseboy in Accra Ghana

There are Holiday Houseboys in East Africa. Guy and Isaac in Burundi, Mulugeta in Ethiopia, Tony in Madagascar, Emmanuel in Malawi, Charles and another Tony in Rwanda. Also Mohamed in Sudan, Gabriel in Tanzania, Kelvin in Zambia and even three in Uganda – James, Isma and Yusuf.

Uganda is particularly interesting in that it hosts the headquarters of the African Union. Despite this, LGBT rights are well below that of other countries. Homosexuality is illegal and homosexuals face major discrimination. Click here for more information on LGBT rights in Uganda.


Gay Friendly African Tour Guides for South Africa

Holiday Houseboys is well represented in the country of South Africa. There is Shaheid in Cape Town, fashionable Musa in Johannesburg and field assistant Marshlin in Paarl on the Garden Route.

Landlocked Eswatini (Swaziland) also has its own Holiday Houseboy – Thulani, who has his own travel agency.


Other Destinations

Covering over 150 destinations, here is the complete list to date.

Our Destinations

| Albania | Tirana | Angola | Luanda | Argentina | Buenos Aires | Austria | Vienna | Azerbaijan | Baku | Bangladesh | Chittagong | Dhaka | Belize | Belize | Benin | Cotonou | Bhutan | Paro | Punakha | Thimphu | Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevo | Botswana Gaborone | Brazil Joao Pessoa | Manaus | Natal | Recife | Rio de Janeiro | Sao Paulo | Bulgaria | Nesebar | Sunny Beach | Veliko Tarnovo | Burundi | Bujumbura | Cambodia | Phnom PenhSiem Reap | China | Shanghai | Colombia | Bogota | Cali |Cartagena | Medellin | Costa Rica | Manuel Antonio | San Jose | Croatia | Split | Dominican Republic Santo Domingo | Ecuador | Quito | England | London | Eswatini | Mbabane | Ethiopia | Addis Ababa | Egypt | Alexandria |Aswan | Cairo | Luxor | The Gambia | Banjul | Germany | Berlin | Hamburg | Hannover | Leipzig | Georgia | Tbilisi | Ghana | Accra | Greece | Athens | Haiti | Port-Au-Prince | Hungary | Budapest | Iceland | Reykjavik | India | Agra | Bangalore |Darjeeling | Goa | Hyderabad | Jaipur | Kerala | Mumbai | New Delhi | Siliguri | Udaipur | Indonesia | Bali | Medan | Surabaya | Iran | Tabriz | Tehran | Israel | Jerusalem | Ivory Coast | Adjame | Jamaica | Kingston | Jordan | Amman | Kazakhstan | Almaty | Kenya | Maasai Mara |Mombasa | Nairobi | Kosovo | Pristina | Kyrgyzstan | Bishkek | Laos | Luang Prabang | Pakse | Madagascar | Madagascar | Malawi | Lilongwe | Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur | Penang | Mexico | Guadalajara | Mexico City | Puerto Vallarta | San Cristobal de las CasasMoldova | Chisinau | Montenegro | Bar |Budva |KotorMongolia | Ulaanbaatar | Morocco | Casablanca | Marrakesh | Meknes | Merzouga | Rabat | Myanmar | Yangon | Nepal | Kathmandu | Lumbini | the Netherlands | Amsterdam | Nicaragua | Granada | Managua | Nigeria | Abuja | Lagos | North Macedonia | Skopje | Norway | Oslo | Oman | Muscat | Pakistan | Gilgit-Baltistan | Karachi | Islamabad | Panama | Panama City | Peru | Cusco | Lima | The Philippines | Davao City | Manila | Palawan | Portugal | Lisbon |Sao Tome | Romania | Brasov | Bucharest | Rwanda | Kigali | South Korea | Seoul | South Africa | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Paarl | Spain | Barcelona | Gran Canaria | Madrid | Sri Lanka | Colombo | Galle | Kandy | Negombo | Sigiriya | Sudan | Khartoum | Taiwan | Taipei | Tanzania | Dar es Salaam | Thailand | Bangkok | Chiang Mai | Koh Samet | Pattaya | Togo | Lome | Tunisia | Tunis | Turkey | Ankara | Bursa | Cappadocia | Cesme | Istanbul | Izmir | Uganda | Kampala | UAE | Abu Dhabi |Dubai | Ukraine | Lviv | Uruguay | Montevideo | Vietnam | Da Nang | Hanoi | Ho Chi Minh | Zambia | Lusaka


Looking for Another Destination?

And even if your destination is not listed, let us know by whatsapp on +94 76 630 1069 or by email to , as the number of gay friendly guides keeps growing.
Indeed if you think you could be a Holiday Houseboy, check out what to do at our JOB INFORMATION Link.

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