How to Travel from Chittagong to Dhaka

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How to Travel from Chittagong to Dhaka

How To Travel from Chittagong to Dhaka

How to Travel from Chittagong to Dhaka

Do you want to know how to get between the two major cities of Bangladesh? We have the answer. Read on to find out which choice is best for you!

There are various ways to travel between these two cities. Traveling between these locations is doable using several modes of transportation – bus, taxi, car, or plane.

What is the most cost-effective option?

The cheapest method to travel is by bus, with tickets costing 16 USD on average and a journey time of 6 hours.

What is the quickest route?

The shortest method to commute from Chittagong to Dhaka is via plane. Tickets cost USD43 on average and a trip time of 2 hours.

The national carrier is Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

What is the distance between Chittagong and Dhaka?

If you’re traveling by land, you should be aware of the distance. Your journey will be 186 miles long (299 km). The whole flight distance is 143 miles (230 km).

Is there a direct bus from Chittagong to Dhaka?

Yes, there is a direct bus that runs between the two cities. Services operate every 15 minutes and are accessible 24 hours a day. The trip takes about 7 hours.

How many trips are there every day between this route?

The number of daily travels varies according to your mode of transportation:
• Flights are scheduled to depart during the day, with roughly 22 flights each day.
• Buses begin running along the route at 20:30 and run until 23:00. Every day, there are 8 bus rides available.
• Trains always operate on time; there are 8 trains every day.

Which kind of transportation is most appropriate for the route Chittagong to Dhaka?

By bus.

Traveling by bus is a fantastic option for individuals who want to visit Dhaka because it is only 186 miles distant from Chittagong. The bus ride will take about 6 hours. On average, a bus ticket will cost you USD 16. Don’t forget to purchase a bus

How To Discover Chittagong and Dhaka

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