Get Those Instagram Photos For Bali

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Get Those Instagram Photos For Bali

Pura Besakih - A Must For Instagram Photos For Bali

Get Those Instagram Photos For Bali
If you consider Bali is more than a paradise, you are probably right! The island known as the island of god is an inspiration that offers many destinations in just one tropical island. While everything that takes place here offers spiritual meanings, the centre of the island is dominated by picturesque mountains and volcanoes. Bali consists of at least 10,000 gorgeous temples and breath-taking surf wild beaches. The least populated North and West of Bali will definitely take you on an unforgettable surfing and a diving journey.

The island does offer great beaches and all sorts of resorts from economical to luxury indeed. But that’s not it! The generous and hospitable people of this small island sure adds more value to make Bali more than just another tropical island for tourists. So let’s look at some of the splendid attractions you can add to your Instagram gallery! Get those Instagram photos for Bali.

1. Kuta Beach

This is the birthplace of Bali’s tourism for all the right reasons. You can either crash on the sand and enjoy a legendary sunset, buy a beer or a soft drink for a local seller, or rent a surfboard and hit the tide.

2. Sekumpul Waterfall

How does seven separate 80m waterfalls pouring over cliffs sound? It is a 1 km walk from the village of Sekumpul, a village rich with cacao, clove, mangosteen, jackfruit, and much more.

3. Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfalls

These waterfalls gained popularity in recent years to be among the best waterfalls in Bali. The entrance of this Insta-worthy spot is located 3km from Lake Buyan. You can enjoy a pleasant walk through a coffee plantation which can also add some great clicks to your gallery. Remember to be there early before it gets too crowded.

4. Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali

The museum consists of several buildings revealing great Balinese architecture, traditional artifacts, ancient rich textiles, and ceremonial objects. The afternoons are usually uncrowded, you can listen to some light music played on a bamboo gamelan while enjoying the history.

5. Pura Besakih – A Must For Instagram Photos For Bali

Situated 1000m on the higher side of Gunung Agung, this is the most important Hindu temple in Bali among 23 other related temples. However, due to the frequent local ceremonies held here, the tourists are not allowed to visit inside. The place definitely is photo-worthy.

Ubud Monkey Forest

A cool and dense jungle claimed by at least 600 long-tailed Balinese macaques. A piece of advice; they are not innocent and they bite! So, be extremely cautious around them. The jungle also consists of three ancient temples which are opened only for worshippers.

Safety tips – Instagram Photos for Bali

• Mode of transportation – Scooters are the favourite mode of transportation in Bali. But avoid riding them unless you have been riding one for a while as there are many accidents caused by tourists.
• Using google maps – This may not be a wise idea in Bali. The shortcuts google suggests can lead to dead ends and narrower roads that are impossible to drive through.

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