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Karachi is the capital of Pakistan, It is a bustling metropolis of 9.3 million people. As such you can expect traffic jams galore, beeping horns and slow progress. As such Karachi is not a destination that attracts tourists, and the increasing threats to Western people make it questionable where security is concerned.

Simply put, go to Karachi at your own risk.

It is not safe to go wandering the streets for bargains in markets. There are however some safe havens within the metropolis for Westerners which can be considered safer than others.

Some of the areas that may be considered safe are the tomb of  Mazar-ee Quaid (the founder of Pakistan), Do Darya by the sea, Port Grand, and Hyper Star Shopping Mall.

To be honest, this highlights the necessity of going with a trusted local to keep you on the right track.

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