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Holiday Houseboys

To fully explore Rabat, contract the services of a Holiday Houseboy, your private gay friendly tour guide. With his experience, he will be able to make a personalised itinerary just for you to ensure that you get to see what you want. Make the most of your vacation and book one of our Holiday Houseboys for Rabat.



How To Book A Holiday Houseboy

To book any of our Holiday Houseboys please go to the enquiry form.

Or send an email to info@holidayhouseboys.com.

Alternatively WhatsApp +94-76-630-1069.

Remember a Holiday Houseboy is your gay friendly tour guide who looks after your safety and welfare at all times.

Please note these are guide services and not sexual services.


The other destination covered in Morocco are Casablanca, Marrakesh, Meknes and Merzouga.

Book one or more of these amazing activities to make the most of your stay in Rabat.

Highlights of Rabat

Located at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg on the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and the country’s seventh largest city. It has an urban population of roughly 580,000 and over 1.2 million in the metropolitan area.

The Almohad empire founded Rabat in the 12th century as a military farm. After a period of growth, the city went into decline following the collapse of the Almohads. Then in the 17th century Rabat became a haven for pirates. In 1912, with the beginning of the French protectorate of Morocco, the capital moved from Fez to Rabat. Finally after the country achieved its independence in 1955, Rabat became its capital.

There are many awe-inspiring sights to behold in Rabat. Furthermore these reflect the city’s colourful history and rich culture. The first stop on your list is the Hassan Tower. Commissioned in the late 1100s, this is an ancient, unfinished tower of an incomplete mosque. In its time, the ruler had aspirations of it being the tallest in the world and the mosque the largest. However the construction was stopped half way due to the death of the then ruler Yaqub al-Mansour. Right next to the Hassan Tower is the Royal Mausoleum of Mohammed V. It houses the tombs of the Moroccan king and his two sons. Be sure to look at the ceiling to appreciate its intricate design.

Learn more about the city through its museums. Established in the 1920s, the Museum of History and Civilizations of Rabat features archaeological discoveries from Banassa, Thamusida, and Volubilis.  In addition the Oudaia Museum, located at the Kasbah of Oudaias, showcases a vast collection of rare traditional clothing, cultural items, and even rare jewelry.

For art lovers, galleries are aplenty in Rabat. Villa des Arts is a must-visit as one can find all kinds of contemporary paintings by various artists. Another place not to miss is the Museum Mohammed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art. Furthermore it is relatively new. Opened in 2014, this is the first institution in the country to dedicate an entire space to modern and contemporary art, exhibiting works by notable Moroccan artists.

Touring around Rabat is a cultural feast for the eyes. Walk around the Kasbah of the Oudaias to appreciate its colourful streets and hip cafes. Enter this charming little neighbourhood through its main gate, the Porte Des Oudaias. Then stroll through the Andalusian Gardens, located right next to the Kasbah, to find a sweet spot to rest and have a drink. The Medina of Rabat is much larger than some of the medinas in Morocco .The best area to wander around is the Rue des Consuls. Spend the rest of the day by just exploring these charming places and enjoying good food and drinks in any of the Moroccan cafes.

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