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The Beauty of Vienna Austria

The Beauty of Vienna Austria Vienna, the capital of Austria, blends historical heritage, music, and endearing charm. A city that inspires both the ancient and the new. Where there is always a cozy spot available at a coffee shop or wine bar. If you’re looking for places to visit in Vienna Austria for a single day, or many things to do over several days, this charming city has a lot of options. Schönbrunn Palace Built…
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Travel Secrets of Cape Town South Africa

Travel Secrets of Cape Town South Africa Cape Town is South Africa’s crown gem. It’s impossible to overstate the value of a trip to Cape Town! The first is the stunning splendor of a jagged mountain range that drops abruptly into a dazzling sea, its slopes covered with greens and delicate blossoms. Then there are the exquisite white beaches lapped by a cool Atlantic, their contours delineated by massive granite boulders to bake on and…
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Discover the Old Town of Tbilisi Georgia

Discover the Old Town of Tbilisi Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, is one of Eastern Europe’s most old and intriguing towns. Tbilisi, famous throughout Europe for its warmth, is a fashionable and charming city with remarkable architectural contrasts. Buildings from hundreds of years old coexist with contemporary crystal structures. As a result Tbilisi creates an enthralling environment. It’s a hidden treasure, with so much to do and see. The Peace Bridge Connects the Old Town of…
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The Best Beaches of Mombasa Kenya

The Best Beaches of Mombasa Kenya Are you looking for a fantastic vacation in Mombasa? With the most blissful beaches in Mombasa, Kenya, the emphasis is on complete relaxation and peace. Long beach walks and sunset picnics are the norms, making it perfect for beach vacations. Mombasa is a Kenyan city on the Indian Ocean’s coast. The city has another name – “the white and blue city”. Here are some of the best beaches in…
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