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Best Places to Visit in Kigali Rwanda

Best Places to Visit in Kigali Rwanda Kigali deserves more than a one-night layover between the ultimate adventures: hiking to meet mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Rwanda’s verdant, mountainous capital has evolved into a bustling cosmopolitan destination. It is brimming with art, culture, and gastronomy during the previous two decades. Furthermore, the picturesque metropolitan core is Africa’s safest and cleanest city. Don’t miss out on what the country’s largest city has to offer while…
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Palawan the Philippines and What It Has to Offer

Palawan the Philippines and What It Has to Offer Palawan is a lengthy island off the western coast of the Philippines that is a paradise from beginning to finish. This is one of the most popular vacation locations in the Philippines. Only an 80-minute flight from the capital Manila. It is famous for its vivid blue seas that contrast against the island’s karst stone cliffs. Of course there’s a lot more to explore, so keep…
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5 Reasons for Visiting Lumbini Nepal

5 Reasons for Visiting Lumbini Nepal 1. The Birth Place of Buddha is in Lumbini Nepal Lumbini’s global significance originates from the birth of Siddharta Gautama. Later known as the Buddha, or “Awakened One”. A simple inscription and stone indicate the precise location where Queen Maya Devi held a bodhi tree branch. Thereafter she gave birth to this prince on her way to her palace in Kapilavastu some 2,500 years ago. 2. The Monasteries of…
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Activities in Kathmandu Nepal

  The name Kathmandu is magical and mythological in equal measure, conjuring visions of old, awe-inspiring temples rising above the towering Himalayas. While Nepal’s capital is undeniably appealing, its busy, noisy, and colorful nature may be overpowering at times. If communing with nature and experiencing the vast outdoors is your concept of adventure, Kathmandu offers various opportunities. Keep reading to discover! Trekking Few places on the earth can compete with Nepal for mountain trekking. Everest…
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Making the most of Pakse Laos

Making the most of Pakse Laos Pakse is the most charming and welcoming capital of southern Laos. Places like Bolaven Plateau and the Si Phan Don Islands have made Pakse the second most visited city in Laos. The merging of the Mekong and Sedone rivers further enhances the natural beauty of the city. If you just wish to sit, chill and stare at a magnificent waterfront, take a walk down the colourful markets, enjoy some…
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