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Must-See Sights of Bangkok Thailand without the Temples

Must-See Sights of Bangkok Thailand without the Temples Bangkok is everything a Thai metropolis should be. Noisy, bustling, vibrant, fascinating, frustrating, and smile-inducing. Bangkok may appear daunting, but it’s also a fascinating metropolis. For it symbolizes Southeast Asia’s conflict between modern developments and endearing traditions. Find out what the finest things to do in this buzzing city are! Jim Thompson House Museum The Jim Thompson House Museum consists of six traditional Thai teak residences. The…
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Activities in Kathmandu Nepal

  The name Kathmandu is magical and mythological in equal measure, conjuring visions of old, awe-inspiring temples rising above the towering Himalayas. While Nepal’s capital is undeniably appealing, its busy, noisy, and colorful nature may be overpowering at times. If communing with nature and experiencing the vast outdoors is your concept of adventure, Kathmandu offers various opportunities. Keep reading to discover! Trekking Few places on the earth can compete with Nepal for mountain trekking. Everest…
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Adventure Activities for Luang Prabang Laos

Adventure Activities for Luang Prabang Laos UNESCO Word Heritage Centre Care to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Centre that provides modern comfort along with 19th-century colonial architecture? Luang Prabang Laos should be your next destination then! This magnificent place is located at the convergence of Nam Khan and Mekong rivers. Ancient Buddhist temples to traditional night markets contribute an enormous value to this unparalleled destination. It’s a picturesque scene to view the Buddhist monks walking…
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