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What Siliguri India Has to Offer the Tourist

What Siliguri India Has to Offer the Tourist Siliguri is a major city belonging to India’s state of West Bengal. The city is popular for tourism, tea, and timber. Casually Known as the 3 T’s. It is surrounded by the Mahananda River and the Teesta River. Due to its geographical location, it is an important hub for trading and transportation. Let’s take a look at the many places that a tourist can visit to get…
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The Highlights of Mumbai India

The Highlights of Mumbai India Previously known as Bombay, Mumbai is a very busy city belonging to India’s Maharashtra state. It has a large population and is the second most populous city just behind Delhi. This city consists of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Amidst being a famous city among tourists, there is a large part of Mumbai that suffers from poverty while another part says home to large buildings, elite hotels, and restaurants alongside…
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