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Anyone for a Cuppa in Darjeeling?

Anyone for a Cuppa in Darjeeling India ? Discover the mysticism of Darjeeling. India’s hill region where reality is on pause and the local brew is superb! Darjeeling tea is the “champagne of teas”. It is cultivated in 87 gardens in the slopes of the Himalayas in Darjeeling, West Bengal state. Some of the bushes are almost 150 years old! Darjeeling tea is also one of the most expensive in the world. Indeed it is…
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Rivers, Tigers and Tea: Experience the Best of Bangladesh

Rivers, Tigers and Tea: Experience the Best of Bangladesh Bangladesh and its Wonders A verdant emerald exists in South Asia’s trove of vacationer treasures. It is Bangladesh.  Fearless visitors who are spunky enough to jump into its whirlpool of turmoil, walk its unknown streets and tour its rural hinterlands. From the lavish tropical coastline to its forested slopes. From excited urban areas to quiet tea estates. This under-visited South Asian country offers a rich testing…
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