The Different Barrios of Mexico City

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The Different Barrios of Mexico City

The Different Barrios of Mexico City

The Different Barrios of Mexico City

Exploring Mexico City’s hundreds of amazing neighborhoods is one of the most exciting aspects of visiting the city. Yes, Mexico City has hundreds of neighborhoods, each of which offers a unique experience. Few neighborhoods in the world are as active, diverse, or massive as the barrios of Mexico City!

Centro Histórico

The Centro was Mexico City until the late 1800s. Later, modernity-obsessed aristocracy began abandoning their ancestral residences and relocating to newly built suburbs in the west and south. The Palacio Nacional, where the president works, Zocalo Square, where all major national events, as well as holidays, are celebrated. In addition Catedral Metropolitana, the city’s enormous historic cathedral, and the nearby ruins of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan are among the best things to see in this neighborhood.

Roma & Condesa – sister barrios of Mexico City

The Barrios of Roma & Condesa

The Barrios of Roma & Condesa

Roma and Condesa are sister districts with a common history, and their vicinity puts them at the top of the list of Mexico City attractions. For Roma is called a “Barrio Magico” and the charm of this area will be instantly obvious when you see Roma’s bright Art Deco buildings. Locals believe there’s a fantastic culinary scene here. Condesa, like Roma, is awash in color, making it an ideal day visit or home base for travelers. The beautiful Parque Mexico, one of Condesa’s greatest attractions, is full of dogs, music, and lots of chairs to take it all in.

Polanco – one of the High End Barrios of Mexico City

The Barrio of Polanco

The Barrio of Polanco

Polanco is home to some of the world’s top restaurants, high-end shopping, and sophisticated cocktail bars. If you’re wondering where to dine in Mexico City, Polanco is a good place to start. And Polanco isn’t simply a pretty face with a mediocre personality. It features some of the top locations to see in Mexico City. The wonderful Museo Soumaya and the famous Museo Nacional de Antropologia are also open to visitors.

San Rafael

Barrios of Mexico City - San Rafael

Barrios of Mexico City – San Rafael

The mansions from San Rafael’s golden days have mostly survived, resulting in a varied architectural ambiance. Locals claim San Rafael boasts a lot of wonderful cuisines, particularly the delectable Mercado de San Cosme. Locals say San Cosme is one of the greatest spots to visit in Mexico City if you’re a foodie. San Rafael is a fantastic area to visit if you want to venture off the beaten path—with some local perspective. There are plenty of excellent galleries to be found.

Juarez – one of the Resurgent Barrios of Mexico City

Barrios of Mexico City - Juarez

Barrios of Mexico City – Juarez

Juarez, formerly one of Mexico City’s most affluent districts, has had a terrible few years. This Mexico City area, however, is presently undergoing an exciting resurgence. Juarez has an unusual mix of chic new enterprises and old establishments. If you want to see art galleries and speakeasies, this is the place to go.

Zona Rosa – one of the most popular Barrios of Mexico City

Barrios of Mexico City - Zona Rosa

Barrios of Mexico City – Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa, a neighborhood inside a neighborhood noted for its nightlife, is located in Juarez. There are several clubs, restaurants, and pubs in the surrounding neighborhood, including some of Mexico City’s greatest gay establishments. Moreover throughout the day, Zona Rosa is an excellent spot to go shopping or to view El Angel, one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The monument was completed in 1910, on the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain.

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