The Highlights of Mumbai India

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The Highlights of Mumbai India

The Gateway of India

The Highlights of Mumbai India

Previously known as Bombay, Mumbai is a very busy city belonging to India’s Maharashtra state. It has a large population and is the second most populous city just behind Delhi. This city consists of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Amidst being a famous city among tourists, there is a large part of Mumbai that suffers from poverty while another part says home to large buildings, elite hotels, and restaurants alongside luxurious lifestyles. With this mixture of experiences, it is worth knowing these highlights of Mumbai before going there.

Open Deck Bus Tour

This is an absolute favourite amongst travelers coming to Mumbai due to the beautiful lights around the city at night. What better way to experience this than riding on an open deck bus? It is going to be one of the most important highlights of your trip to Mumbai. A good way to orientate yourself. Better yet, get yourself a Holiday Houseboy tour guide who can explain the history of Mumbai while you grasp the beauty of this bustling city.

Street Food in Mumbai India

Your initial thoughts might go towards hygiene when you think of street food but this is one of the main things Mumbai is known for; the mouth watering street vendor food. Whilst some people completely avoid it there are many others who enjoy it. The best part is that they are very affordable and taste amazing. Here you can find dishes like panipuri, pav bhaji, idli, dosa, and many more Indian cuisines that will keep you coming back.

The Mumbai Sunset

Sunsets are a phenomenon loved by almost everyone. However, to really witness it properly and enjoy it, you need to be in a good spot. Sunsets on the beach from Marine Drive are heavenly. Indeed many people hang out here just because of the sunset views. The sidewalk along Marine Drive is also called the ‘Queen’s Necklace’ owing to the placement of lights that resemble pearls of a necklace.

The Hanging Gardens

On top of Malabar Hill you can find the Hanging Gardens which go back to 1881. You can see a number of hedges that are in the shape of different animals.This is another place where you can witness the beautiful sunset of Mumbai India.

Mumbai Shopping

Mumbai being the busy city it is has many buildings, markets, and thus, is known as a ‘shopper’s paradise’. From accessories to clothing, bags, and household items, these little markets along the street will mesmerize you. Some of the most famous places are the Colaba Causeway Market, the Chor Bazaar, the Crawford Market, the Zaveri Bazaar, and the Sassoon Docks Fish Market.

Book A Holiday Houseboy Gay Friendly Guide For Mumbai India

A Holiday Houseboy is a gay friendly tour guide who looks after your safety, welfare and interests. Being local, he is the ideal person to show you around Mumbai. Looking for that famous bakery or curry shop, your Holiday Houseboy will be sure to show you the way. It is the fun way of discovering a city. To see which Holiday Houseboy there are in Mumbai, please click on the “Guide Info” button below.

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