What Siliguri India Has to Offer the Tourist

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What Siliguri India Has to Offer the Tourist

Tea plantations of Siliguri India

What Siliguri India Has to Offer the Tourist

Siliguri is a major city belonging to India’s state of West Bengal. The city is popular for tourism, tea, and timber. Casually Known as the 3 T’s. It is surrounded by the Mahananda River and the Teesta River. Due to its geographical location, it is an important hub for trading and transportation. Let’s take a look at the many places that a tourist can visit to get the most out of your holiday in Siliguri India.

Sed Gyued Monastery

This is a very famous religious site with more than 50 monks. It is a place of meditation. You can also find a stupa that is 10 feet tall here. If you want peace and some time alone, this place is a must-visit! A place to collect your thoughts.

Savin Kingdom

This is an amusement park that the adventurous part of you as a tourist can enjoy. Some of the activities you can do here are the Swing Chair, Monorail, Fume Ride and Go-Cart. You can also have some great food at one of the restaurants, stay at a hotel and even enjoy the pool.

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

This is 30 minutes away from Siliguri. It is spread across more than 150 sq km. It was initially created in 1955. In order to protect the Bison and the Royal Bengal Tiger it then became a sanctuary. Now you can also see birds like the Great Hornbill and Sunbird. In addition to this, you may see mammals like the Himalayan Black Bear, the Clouded Leopard, Indian elephants and the JungleCat.

Bengal Safari

This safari gives you the best experience of seeing a wide variety of wildlife including the Elephant, Rhino, Common Leopard, Tiger, Spotted Deer and Wild Boar. There are many types of safaris that you can choose from. These include
• The Mixed Herbivore Safari – a 20-minute safari where you can see many birds like the Peacock, Red Jungle Fowl and Kingfisher.
• A Tiger Safari. This is a 15-minute safari where you can see 3 types of tigers.
• The Asiatic Black Bear Safari. Another 15-minute safari this time to see 2 types of bears.
• And finally the Leopard Safari. This is to see 4 types of leopards. Also 15 minutes.

Siliguri Shopping

Siliguri is another famous place in India where you can shop to your heart’s content. As previously mentioned, Siliguri is an important hub for trading. Thus, you can buy imported goods cheaply here. Moreover some of the malls you shouldn’t miss out on are the City Centre Mall, the Hong Kong Market, the Cosmos Mall, Mahabirstan, the Vega Circle Mall, the Bidhan Market and the Seth Srilal Market.

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