Your Bucket List for Almaty Kazakhstan

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Your Bucket List for Almaty Kazakhstan

Big Almaty Lake Almaty Kazakhstan

Your Bucket List for Almaty Kazakhstan

Almaty is one of the most alluring Russian conceptions ever to take place in Central Asia. In addition the snow capped Zailiysky Alatau adds more colour to the leafy destination Almaty. The modern Almaty entails rich apartments, expensive food outlets, sparkly shopping malls, fancy coffee lounges, nightclubs, and large SUVs wandering around the city. Not surprisingly this is the main transportation hub of Kazakhstan so, thousands of locals and visitors pass through the city every day.

While the city entertains rich party folks, it also offers green parks, museums, markets, shops, and adventure activities such as skiing and hiking. So, if you are a ski enthusiast, there is a range of new ski resorts. Indeed Almaty can offer you some of the best ski experiences in your life. That’s not all! Let’s look at what else the city has to add to your bucket list.

1. Panfilov Park

Surrounding the Zenkov Cathedral, this beautiful rectangular green park is the favourite hangout place of all ages. The park gained its name as Panfilov after 28 Panfilov heroes sacrificed their lives fighting the Nazi tanks to save a village near Moscow.

2. Central State Museum

From bronze age burials, WWII sacrifices, a replica of the national symbol of the nation “Golden Man”, to wonderful artifacts. This is the best museum to visit if you are eager to know the history of Kazakhstan.

3. Republic Square Almaty

This ancient ceremonial square was created by the soviets. If you wish to get a glimpse of the favourite landmarks of the city and the beautiful snow capped mountain range, Republika Alany is the perfect place. Note; awesome view for your selfies!

4. Green Market

Whether you are a food lover or not, it is definitely worth a visit to the Green Market to taste the best flavours of Centra Asia. With all those piles of nuts, Georgian sweets, spices, smoked fish, various salads, cheese, and sausages, you may have to try to control your taste buds!

5. Kok-Tobe Cable Car

This is a six minutes cable car ride across the city from the Palace to the southeast of Almaty. A guaranteed awesome experience that offers plenty of aerial photo options. But, be advised if you have vertigo!

How to get to Almaty

  • Flights – the first option being Kazakhstan’s official airline Air Astana, various other airlines can get you to this small airport of Almaty. You can hop on a bus or a cab to get to the city, it will not cost you much.
  • Train – There are domestic and international train services available from the only two train stations in Almaty. The trains usually include a restaurant and a bar as most of the journeys take place overnight due to the distances.
  • Car – you can drive to Almaty from anywhere in Kazakhstan. The drives are of course longer. So, if you don’t mind admiring some beauty of the country along the way. You can easily rent yourself a car and start right away.

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